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      I have Sonarworks and I kind of think it has been leading me down a rabbit hole.  I have done a lot of room treatments (and unfortunately the room is small 9' W - 18' D - 7.5' H).  My mixes are translating kind of dull and weird.   I am curious about settings people are using.  I probably do not do nearly enough listening to reference mixes; which I am doing a lot more lately.

      I have come up with the following settings that seem to make the reference mixes sound right going through Sonarworks.

      Tilt: +2

      Bass Boost +2

      Mix 55%

      Flilter: Mixed

      The BK speaker standard does not sound good to me.

      I am curious about other peoples settings and experience.  I guess at the end of the day you have to trust your ears.  I think I put too much "trust" into the software and probably spent too much time listening to my mixes and not enough time listening to my room....

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      Guido tum Suden


        I have mix always at 100% and a slight tilt because of my hearing loss.

        In my first attempt in room treatment I didn't take professional help and had much too much of absorbers and not enough diffusers. Often the main problem are too many thin absorbers which will take away your highs so that you get a dull sound.
        I built myself a simple vocal cabin then and so always had too few highs in the vocals but a lot of boom and mud.
        Now I use the whole room with a good mix of absorbers and diffusers.


        face (chris) Janton

          Did you use a measurement mic and get an adjustment for your listening position and the monitors?

          I have used Sonarworks for a few years, and got very good results when I compare mixes "pre Sonarworks" and "post Sonarworks". I used references for both my JBL LSR305s and my JBL One 104s. Clear improvement.

          I never used the tilt or boost - just 100% corrected sound to the monitors.

          I got new monitors - Kali IN-5 - they are better, un-corrected, than anything I got from my JBLs with or without Sonarworks. I have finally listened to un-adjusted monitors for long enough to try setting up room correction. IK/Multimedia ARC3 is where I am headed - I used ARC2 before Sonarworks. I think ARC3 provides a lot more models to work with.

          Home studio - small - bookcases, carpets, coved ceilings. The "problem corner" has some foam panels - at least one happy client for a mastering job done here, and "we like it here"

          Malcolm Middleton

            I have Kali In-5's too, I've just bought Ik Multimedia's Arc 3 room correction software so it will be interesting to see how it goes but all the reviews are excellent. P.S. If you buy Arc 3 right now you get about 40 free plugins!

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            Buddhika Chathuranga



              I am going to try Sonarworks! Does it work really well?

              Any opinions??

              Thank you!

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