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      Hi everyone

      Looking for some feedback on this before I put it on my portfolio page. All comments gratefully received 🙂

      I hope the above link turns into a playable file. If not, I'll have to put it on Soundcloud and you'll see it appear below.

        Arthur Labus

          Great mix Sara !
          I really like the drums in particular. Going for more "top" sounding snare and kick was good choice in my opinion.
          Snare is a killer !!!
          Maybe a bit too much hi-hats, but i know, hi-hats are everywhere 🙂
          Like the reverbs/delays in breakdown.
          Maybe let the fade out 1-2 sec. longer would be good idea. Just detail.

          D.... good job Sara !


            Thanks Arthur! 🙂


              Here's my revision. I've taken out some low end in the kick and guitars and shifted the emphasis to the higher vocal in the breakdown section. I think it sounds like a record now. 😉


              David Allen Hammond

                Nice mix. Did you flange the vocals on breakdown? Guitars sound great.


                  Just scrolling through the forums, so sorry this is a late comment on this track, but to me it sounds excellent 🙂

                  Warren Huart

                    Wow! Sara, how did I miss this? The snare sounds amazing! Better than mine...haha! Great work! They only thing I would do is bring up the energy in the choruses, raise the guitars a little, bring up the overheads slightly. Also another trick I will do is run a transient designer on the kick where it plays super fast and slightly shorten the sustain so there isn'y a huge build up of low end. Great work Sara!!


                      Haha! Thank you Warren and everyone. This track is actually on my portfolio, so I'm glad you think it's worthy - especially the snare!!

                      I've recently started shortening the sustain on kicks, samples in particular, to get that tight, clean low end. Good call on the choruses, again it's something I do now on all of my mixes. Love to learn!

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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