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      I was sub mixing some guitars today, and had a momentary panic when I clearly heard a sympathetic vibration in my brand new right monitor. I played with pan and soloed some tracks but sure enough, that speaker was rattling. Well crap. Fortunately, in a past life I was a repair tech, so I isolated the speaker and ran a sweep through it with a signal generator. At 103Hz it was vibrating like a card in my bicycle spokes! (Btw, watch your levels doing this or you'll break more than you fix!) First thing, I gently felt the cone, and then the cabinet, listening for the rattle, which led me to the back panel (it's easier to find with that 100Hz signal keeping it buzzing). Nothing more than tightening a few loose screws, thank goodness! And I'm back working in minutes. More often than you think, it's something you can fix.

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      Michael Stucker


        Great work! Those are the worst problems. If you had taken it apart to test you would not have found anything and then it would have been gone when you re-assembled.

        I’ve done that enough times…

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          <p style="text-align: right;">Oh yes, in fact sometimes that is the best repair method! In this case just relieved I didn't need to replace a month old driver.</p>

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