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    Patrick Lesser

      Hey PLAPers,

      in the last 3 month in a row I have some issues with the subscription of the Slate Digital All Access Pass. A couple of days before the month is ending my subscription doesn't work anymore. The SD support didn't help me out up to now, even I've contacted them right after the first (and every following) issue.

      Does anyone have the same issue with the monthly renewed subscription?

      It is really annoying and I think of canceling my membership at slate, because I can't rely on it.


      Dave Le Sange

        Hey Patrick, 

        I'm not a slate user, but it might be a conflict between billing cycles. If Slate is on a 4-week cycle & you've set up with your bank that it's monthly, the transaction may be refused by the bank as its too early.

        Hope I've been helpful, or at least easy to ignore


        Patrick Lesser

          Hey Dave,

          thanks for reply. Slate is debiting automatically. But indeed it is a conflict with the monthly cycles :/ unfortunately the slate support couldn't manage to fix the problem until today....

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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