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    Justin Davis

      Inside the heart of the studio

      Hi Everyone, My name is Justin Davis and I'm from Brisbane Australia.

      This is my studio. I built this studio in an industrial area about ten years ago. I have a couple of live rooms and one main control room. I run Pro tools through a MAC. We have 2 I/O interfaces currently in use. The Antelope Orion 32 and the Ferofish 32. I run a SSL Origin console with the recommended SSL patch bay + some extras that I have added myself. Like a Mult, and tie lines to all the rooms ect.   I have heaps of outboard gear, microphones, and plugins. My favourite piece of outboard gear atm is the SSL Fusion or the new 500 series RMX 16. And my favourite plugin atm is the fab filter Pro R. Recording drums has always been my passion. I always felt that in rock music getting a good drum recording is essential. Over the past ten years I have definitely changed my approach to recording drums many times. And will likely change again lol.  I ended up getting into recording because I have always been in bands (gtrs, bass. and vocals) and was unhappy with the quality of recordings we paid for and the lack of enthusiasm from the engineers. So I ended up purchasing a TAC Scorpion 32 and bunch of budget mics and set off on my audio engineering  journey.  At one point we opened the studio as a commercial studio, but I found it to be a little taxing doing local bands that weren't as "prepared" as they should be. So in the end, I only do projects that I feel passionate about. I record lots of music that I write in collaboration with other songwriters. I also give studio time to other musicians that help out with current projects. I find it helps keeping things fresh and exciting. I mainly record rock and hard rock music, but I'll record anything to be honest. I really just love being there and doing things. I love to experiment and try new techniques. I love to learn this art. To say I'm obsessed might begin to cover it lol

      I've been watching PLAP videos for a while now. You guys are a great wealth of information. I never interned at a studio. I learnt everything from people like Warren online, from people coming and recording at the studio, and mainly trail and error.

      Thanks for your time.

      I look forward to expanding my knowledge base.


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