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      Just wanted to show you the rebuild of my home studio.
      I recently moved my living room studio to a new room in the house and took that opportunity to invest in some equipment I want to use to get a more vintage, 70ies sound. I'm on a tight budget so everything has to be done in small steps, but I'm pretty happy with what I managed to collect so far.
      Here's a short list of what I'm using:

      -ProTools Daw
      -Ai/ Mixer: Mackie ProFx30v3
      -KrK Rokitz Monior speakers
      -Technics SU3050 amplifier
      -Yamaha NS- 316 Speakers
      -sE Dynacaster DMC 3 Dynamic Mic
      -sE Condensator mic
      -Tackstar dynamic mics
      -Alctron Condensator mic
      -Korg Ms2000b Synth/ midi controller
      -Korg SP- 250 piano/ midi controller
      -Studio v3 tubeMP pre amp
      -RNC 1773 compressor
      -Fender Acoustic Guitar
      -Freshman 12 string acoustic guitar
      -Cordoba acoustic guitar
      -Ibanez 7 string electric guitar
      -BC ridge electric guitar
      -Fazley (rebuild and customized) electric guitar
      -Ibanez jazz guita
      -Washburn bass guitar

      And lots more stuff and plugins.


      maDSaint (Daan Smit)


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      Danny Brook

        Amazing studio, what kind of music do you play?



        how are you? Nice to meet you. I am also new to PLAP.maybe one day we  jam or collaborate on a song together !!which artist do you listen to? Do you have a link to you’re music?


        DANNY Jason. I’m in Los Angeles.  I’m enrolled in a music engineering college program.

        my band is called BORDERLINE DELUSION band. I play guitar













          Hi Danny, I just had a quick listen to your songs, and I must say, you really know how to write captivating music. Feel free to contact me at [email protected], and I'm quite sure we can get some creative music going!



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