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    Paul Hird

      My name is Paul Hird and I am based in Fullerton California.
      I am originally from the UK but have been in the US for 20 years, roughly 30 years of gigging, writing, playing, singing, producing, mixing, mastering.... You get the idea.
      I have mostly found Logic to be the DAW to suit me best.
      I am happy to work in any genre depending on the task. Mastering is definitely my biggest cross genre area.

      A selection of gear highlights include

      *The Monitors
      -PMC IB2SA
      -PMC tbII
      -Focal Clear Pro (headphones)
      -Beyerdynamic DT 770M (headphones) x 4

      *The Mic Preamps
      -Helios Type 69!!!! - 8 channels of super rare, legendary Helios Mic pre/EQ (Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, Floyd...)
      -Chandler/EMI Abbey Rd REDD 47 - 1 channel of pure Abbey Road mojo!
      -GML 8302 - 2 Channels of pristine George Massenburg mic pres
      -Trident 4t - 6 channels Mic pre/EQ/Comp

      *Analog Compressors
      -Teletronix LA2A x 2
      -Universal Audio 1176 x 2
      -Chandler/EMI Abbey Rd RS124
      -Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor 2 ch
      -Chandler/EMI Abbey Rd Zener Limiter 2 ch
      -SSL G Buss Compressor 2 ch
      -API 2500 2 ch

      *Analog EQ
      -Maselec MEA 2 (Mastering EQ) 2 ch
      -Pultec EQP1A
      -Helios Type 69 (x8)
      -Maag EQ4M 2 ch
      -API 5500 2 ch
      -Kush Clariphonic MS 2ch
      -Trident 4t (x6)

      Plus more....

      Bricasti M7 digital REVERB


      I also have a nice collection of Microphones, guitar amps and pedals for anytime I need pro guitar reamping.

      *The Microphones (• denotes vintage)
      -Neumann U47 large diaphragm condenser
      -Neumann KM83i • small diaphragm condenser Omni
      -Neumann KM83i • small diaphragm condenser Omni
      -Neumann KM84i • small diaphragm condenser Cardioid
      -Neumann KM84i • small diaphragm condenser Cardioid
      -Neumann KMS105 small diaphragm condenser Carioid
      -Royer SF12 Stereo Ribbon
      -Royer R121 Ribbon
      -Royer R122 Active Ribbon
      -Coles 4038 Ribbon (1 of 2, close numbered)
      -Coles 4038 Ribbon (2 of 2, close numbered)
      -AKG D112 dynamic
      -Shure SM57 dynamic X 5
      + more....

      *The Amps and pedals

      Vox AC30
      Fender Bassman (vintage)
      Fender Super Amp (vintage NOT a Super Reverb)
      Soldano Decatone 2x12 (ultra rare)
      Mesa Boogie Rectoverb
      Bogner Mojado
      Bogner Ecstacy Red Preamp
      Ethos Overdrive (Dumble preamp clone)
      Sansamp PSA1 x2
      Two Notes Le Bass
      Ampeg B115
      Klon KTR
      Neunaber Immerse
      Origin Effects Cali 76
      J Rockett Revolver
      Keeley Darkside
      Keeley Dyno my Roto
      Two Notes Le Bass
      Catalinabread Dirty Little Secret

      Analog Summing is available using the fabulous Neve 5059 Summing Mixer and io is via 2 Universal Audio Apollos and 2 Universal Audio Apollo 16s.

      I am also a big fan of Izotope, UAD, Waves and Brainworx/Plugin Alliance and have a large selection of plugins.

      Paul Hird 7146998716
      [email protected]

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      • This topic was modified 4 years ago by Paul Hird.
      Mark Beeson

        Great studio. Drooling over your gear list.

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