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    James Beeson

      PLAP newbie here (so be kind!).

      The first few of Warren's videos I watched introduced a new concept to me - using multiple EQs and compressors in serial. I can grasp why compression in serial works, but I'm just checking my understanding of this with EQ. As an example, I could put a Maag EQ4 first on a drum bus to get the overall sound I'm after, and then put something more surgical (FabFilter ProQ3 for example) after the Maag to deal with frequency build-up and cut out space for bass guitar/synth and other low-freq audio? Is this the right approach? Does this work on individual tracks too, or is this best just applied on a bus and/or the master channel?


      Thank you!

      Sam Mennen

        I guess it depends what each process does. Most people like to EQ before compression. The compressor may shave off some top end so you may want to reinforce it after the compressor. I know that Warren sometimes likes to boost highs, de-ess and then boost the highs again.  It all depends on your taste and experience. You can get a bit reckless though I think. If I end up with 10 plugins on a track I should probably have a decent think about it.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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