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    Sergio Sánchez

      Hi wonderful people!

      This is Sergio Sánchez and my studio (Hen's House Studios) is located in a small mountain village in Alicante, Spain. Here are some pictures:
      Hen's House Studios
      Live Room
      Live room
      Control Room
      Rack and monitor controller
      Computer and interface

      I am working in this industry for 15 years now, mainly in live events. Now I am trying to increase the studio income, I want to be 50% working in the studio and 50% in live events. I work with every genere, but not much with EDM.

      I use a Mac Pro cheese grater with an Antelope Orion 32 HD that I love. My control surface is a Slate Digital Raven MTI 2. It has improved a lot my workflow. My DAW is Pro Tools Ultimate. I decided to update from Pro Tools because I am starting to work in films and I need 5.1 and other characteristics that I didn't have. I have 3 sets of speakers: a pair of Yamaha HS80, a pair of Jamo Classic 4, and a pair of JBL one series 104. All of these are connected to my Mackie Big knob. As preamps, I use a pair of focusrite octopres mK2, a Studio Technologies Mic pre Eminence, and a TL Audio 5001 mK2. My mic collection is not bad, I use Akg, Sennheiser, Lewitt, Audio Technica. The most I use are my C414 XLII, my SM7B, my DTP640 REX and my 57s.

      In my "to buy" list I have a subwoofer at first, I need it for my 5.1 system. A pair of Lewitt LCT 441 FLEX, maybe an LCT 640 TS, a pair of 1073 preamps (maybe BAE audio or Heritage), a Heritage Audio bus comp and a pair of 1176 of Warm Audio. Maybe I can buy a good 500 chasis to add all of this stuff. Maybe also a summing mixer, but maybe I will buy an used console for that.

      Instagram link:

      Facebook Link:

      Maybe you are curious about the name of the studio. It has his story. This building was a cottage where my grandfather has his hens. Since I was a little boy, we call this as the Hen's House. The name is a kind of tribute to him.

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