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    Rocco Cassano

      Name: Rocco Cassano

      Where your studio is based:
      • Broadview Hts Ohio – Suburb of Cleveland

      • Guitarist since I was 9 years old and vocalist since I was 15. Started playing professionally at 15 ½ years of age. As I developed, my interests expanded into electronics and recording on 4 track reel-to-reels.
      • I worked full time at a utility and played in bands for nearly 45 years. I built my home in 1987 and the studio in the basement in 1989. Through those years, I enjoyed recording but it was difficult to expand my knowledge in this area with working and performing all the time. Now that I’m retired from the utility and not playing gigs anymore, as of 2018, I started devoting my time recording, engineering and producing.

      DAW of Choice:
      • Cakewalk by BandLabs

      Genres you primarily work with:
      • Rock, Jazz, Folk, Blue Grass, Christian Contemporary

      Favorite Plugins:
      • Universal Audio, Waves, Lexicon

      Gear List:
      • Toft – ATB board 24 Channel
      • Antelope – Orion32 32 Channel AD/DA
      • Universal Audio – UAD-2 Satellite USB 8x DSP and Apollo Twin 2x6 USB3
      • Neve – Shelford Channel Strips
      • API 500 Series – 512V Pre, 527 Comp, 550A EQ
      • A Design Preamp – MP2A
      • Compressors – Warm Audio – WA76, DBX – 160A, 1066, 1046, 266XL and DDP
      • PreSonus – HP60 6-Ch Headphone Amplifier
      • Yamaha – NS10 and JBL – LSR4326P monitors
      • Mics – Manley Gold Reference, Royer 121, AKG- C414II/C4000B/D112/C1000 S, Neuman KM184’s, Sennheiser 421’s/e604’s/MD504, Shure 57’s, Rode NT2, Audio Technica AT4033/Pro 37, EV ND767A’s
      • Line 6 Amplifier- AxSys212 and Spider III
      • Lab Series – L5
      • 1969 Epiphone Acoustic, 1974 Gibson Deluxe Les Paul, 1974 Gibson Barney Kessel, 1979 Fender Strat, 1993 Fender Strat, 2002/2003 Fernandes Retrorocket Star Wars Guitar Collection.
      • Rogers Drum Kit – Zildjian A Custom Series cymbals
      • Conga Set

      What Equipment do you have your eyes on currently (full list)
      • Ludwig Black Beauty Snare
      • Maag Audio EQ4 500 Series 6-band
      • Solid State Logic VHD 500 Mic Pre

      Facebook & Instagram Links

      Any other cool things about your studio we should know? Is it in an old church? Does your gear have history? Anyone notable recorded there? Etc.
      • I little bit about the studio: Even though the studio is in my basement, most clients don’t expect three rooms with glass visibility across. I constructed the walls with staggered studs and spring track attached drywall to both sides giving a pretty good STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of around 50. I wish I would have made the control room bigger! As a result, I do my main mixing in another room in the house. Also, I created and wired all patch bays from scratch, tying all rooms together, so audio can be routed anywhere.

      • Most of my gear is relatively new. Before I retired, purchased my Toft board and revamped my rack with the Orion, Neve, and Switchcraft patch bay equipment. Since then, I purchased many of the other things listed above.

      • As for anyone notable recording here. There was one individual (Donny Krueger) who is notable in Cleveland, who played with The Jonah Koslen and Beau Coup, to name a couple, recorded here for cover band making a demo. That was many years ago.

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      • This topic was modified 4 years ago by Rocco Cassano.
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