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      I´m very interested in the topic of making it "right" on the way in.
      I have a RME 802 which has no hardware inserts. But I can route through TotalMix.
      Does it really matter if the compression happens before or after the converters?
      What do I have to invest in terms of preamps to beat the built in preamps?

      I´m still comparing it to a Audient ID22. I firstly thought of selling it but then I heard that the preamps should be really good. Does it make sense to use the ID22 for its converters with an external compressor like a FMR RNC?

      I mostly do mobile recording of choirs etc. but I also do overdubs and band recording.


        Having a quick read of the tech. specs for the RME 802 and Audient ID22, it looks to me like to the RME is a better performer across the board. It's preamps are supposed to be pretty solid.

        Compression before the AD converter can be useful, but equally comes with problems - particularly bringing up all those nasty background noises.

        My gut feeling is, if you're happy with sound you're getting - stick with what you've got. If you're struggling to bring in a strong signal, maybe compression and / or EQ could help.

        Equally, it might be worth researching alternative microphones. You may be better off expanding your range of mic options, to suit particular recording situations.


          I´m totally confused about the right gear. On one day I want to get a UA Apollo (Firewire because I´m using Windows) and use its unison preamps with no external gear and on the next day I want to keep the RME 802 and use external gear like a GAP Pre73 etc or the new Slate Preamp Plugins.
          My laptop does not support the Apollo, so I´d have to use my PC in a rack or so...
          No money for a macbook pro 🙂


            I'd be wary of any Firewire Interface. I spent 6 months trying to get my old Steinberg mr816 x firewire interface to work, after I upgraded to Windows 8. Eventually I gave up. Steinberg has reissued the interface as a USB interface, which says a lot.

            Microsoft changed the legacy driver for firewire with Windows 8 and a lot of audio interfaces had trouble with it. Maybe Windows 10 will be ok, but Universal Audio only lists Windows 7 compatibility for the Apollo.

            How many input / outputs do you need on your interface?


              Quick update : just tried my old Firewire Interface with Windows 10, and it seems to be working fine. the Apollo Firewire may well be cool and the gang with Windows 10.


                Sorry this is so late. Joined up a week or 2 ago and just now saw your question. I have never used an RME product, but I just bought and started using the Audient ID22 and will tell you that I am very happy with it. I started going through my older material using the Audient, and now I can hear why the old mixes weren't translating so well. Prior to this I was using a Digidesign HD192. So the conversion quality is excellent and a step up from what I was using before, IMO. (It actually pains me to say that.) Besides the conversion quality, the capabilities of the Audient are perfect for my purposes. I record only myself, so I only need one channel for tracking in. I have a fair amount of outboard that I like to use as well. So now I have my outboard hooked to a patchbay. My ID22 is hooked into it too. So now it's easy to pick the mic, pre, compressor, EQ I want to use on the way in, try differeet combinations, etc. You can bypass the preamps on the ID22 and use a pair of sends/returns to send audio out of your DAW, through outboard and back in again. I use that capability for my mix bus, where I like to mix through a pair of Distressors. Depending on your needs, this is a great box for the money. Underpriced in my opinion.

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