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      Hi Guys,

      I hope this is the right place for the topic!

      It may sound weird to a lot of folks out there but I’m one of those guys who still browse the web unrelentingly looking for tutorials..not necessarily “how to” things but most of the times I love pretending I started producing and mixing a few months ago and I watch out for those videos ala “create a session” or “understanding compression” just to name a few that come to my mind now. Sometimes I find myself getting to know things I didn’t even thought would exist…or quite often I get to know methods to do things I only knew doing with my personal workflow.

      So my question is…am I the only one who reviews his basics on a regular basis (excuse my English) ? cause I think it is good to do that sometimes…. I came across Produce Like a Pro during one of this reviews o’mine infact 

      Arthur Labus

        Don't worry. You are not the only one ... 🙂


          Glad to hear that Arthur 😉

          Chris Lalka

            I sometimes watch various web vids so I can keep up with the latest new ideas. Or I find out "new" ideas that I used to do 20+ years ago but was told "that's the wrong way to do it" LOL.
            War story: I was using "Parallel Compression" 30 years ago (I didn't know that's what it was called at the time) because my music store didn't have a direct/insert cable. I ran my new dbx compressor in the Send and blended the return until it sounded good to me. The tech at the music store told me I was an idiot for doing that! LOL
            Not wanting to keep being an idiot ;-), I stopped doing that for over a decade after that.
            Fortunately, I re-discovered it when someone told me about "New York Compression."
            So lesson learned: if what you're doing makes things SOUND good... keep on doing it! 🙂


              Agree! Experimentation is the key to discover new audio and in general! ? i.e. Sometimes i open up old sessions and I LMAO looking at eq curves i used that look like a rollercoaster but....they sound great to my ears ?

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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