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    Tim Morris

      So...we have a 3 track EP and want to get it out there.....

      These 2 seem the bigger players, but are they the only ones?

      What are you folks doing? it working for you?

      Arthur Labus

        Check Bandcamp.
        It will be my 1st choice when "we" will ready to go.

        Tim Morris

          Yeah Im looking at that but I hear they dont have such a wide distribution?

          I will check it out.

          Jeff Macdonald

            I would go with Distrokid - they have the largest reach per dollar that I have seen.


              I plan on using Emubands they get on Spotify which was my main concern. As well as most major music platforms I believe like Google store and itunes. They charge a one-time fee and take no royalties, I didn't want to have to pay every year to keep my music on platforms. They've got pricing for singles, eps 3-5 and albums 6-20ish I think. Starts around 45$ for single

              Jay Peters

                I've used State51 for a few years, decent guys to work with.
                I don't write for aggregator companies anymore, prefer to mix and produce these days, but this is their current distribution list.


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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