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    Cody Meade

      I've noticed that 99% of the musicians I meet (and more than half of the ones I record) want some measure of success, but have no idea how to do it on their own, where to start, and how to get their music into the hands of the listeners who want to hear it. its a whole other side of music production that, in my humble opinion, doesn't get enough attention. Musicians want to be artists, not all of them want to be business-persons on top of that....

      My question: how does one, as a producer help their artists get closer to successful career they seek? Granted there are a lot of moving parts to building that fanbase, and when you don't know what you don't know, things can seem daunting.

      So how can I approach this, with the intention of giving an artist the tools they need (contacts, resources, courses, etc.) without doing ALL the work for them. My goal is to produce music, help artists with their problems, and help them reach their goals. Not necessarily, do i want to start a record label and sign bands, act as their manager, write their business plan... ... ... (I don't have the infrastructure or resources to do it alone) I want to help these folks where I can, but honestly, as an artist/songwriter/composer, the music is an extension of your soul and you're deeply attached to it. It's your vision and, and I feel like it's going to be much more honest and genuine if you are working this side of things yourself.

      any advice?

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