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    Daniel Ashcom

      Hi everyone,

      This is my first question in the forums, woo hoo. A google and youtube search was unfruitful on this so I'm posing it to you. I'm running into a chugging slow-down for the first time in Reaper due to plug-ins applied to guitars, bass and now drums. I know from previous experience with FL Studio that this means I need to render some of the processing on my recorded tracks but when I do so, I only get fx applied directly to the track itself, which I never do.

      Is there a way to also process and render effects in other tracks to which I send from the track being rendered? Or should I instead just start adding any effects to each track individually so I can render it separately with all intended effects? If I have to do the latter, that kinda sucks cause there's so much more precise control, I feel, when you're able to adjust the level that you're sending in addition to the controls of the effect itself and the level of the effect in your mixdown. Is there a way to get that precision control back if you're applying effects repeatedly to each track without getting bogged down in having to check a million reverb, etc., settings across a bunch of tracks?

      Regards and thanks in advance.


      Arthur Labus

        Hi Daniel,

        there should be a way for that. At least, that should be working fine with rendering tracks and import the rendering FX tracks to Reaper.
        Not sure if it could work with freeze option.
        I can test some procedures at the evening, so stay tuned.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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