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    Josh Bell

      Hello everyone,

      i was tracking acoustic guitar last night using my Rode NT2a large diaphragm condenser, and no matter how hard I tried ...... I kept picking up m breathing on the track ......

      is there a trick to removing this ?

      can it be eq’d out, or gated ?

      My usual pencil condenser is getting repaired hence using the large diaphragm condenser..... my theory is that the large diaphragm condenser is just so much more sensitive ?

      Any tips would be great ?

      cheers, josh

      Paul Koester

        I suffer the same problem.    I've always had really bad sinus problems and typically breath through my mouth.    When I record backing vox, I'm constantly editing out breaths.   But that's not applicable if breathing is getting picked up over the primary instrument.

        Instead of EQ'ing, you could try some different mic techniques?

        If the guitar part is loud, you could move the mic back and play even louder.

        Have you tried changing the polar pattern (I think Rode NT2a has omni/cardio/figure 8)?     Depending on how much rejection the cardio/figure 8 has, you might even try moving the mic closer to you, a bit above the guitar but pointing down towards the guitar, so that your breath is directed outside the pickup pattern.

        Guido tum Suden

          Hi Josh,

          look here for micing with a large diaphragm:

          Since you already recorded the track and if it is not a solo track, try mixing the whole song with it first, before you start editing out the breaths. Maybe it isn't so bad in the mix.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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