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    Rich Westphal

      Awesome DI from what I can tell, the RNDI is on my really soon list, lol,,,
      I don't mind amp sims, I have had live recordings sound much worse and made them work,,,lol
      For myself I use the below,,, try to use something different all the time,,,
      Plugin Alliance I have Classic Guitar Tones Bundle, which has the BassDude and effects, also Rockrack, Megadule, Shredspread.
      Amplitube 4 and most all bundles
      Mercuriall U530
      Some Ignite Amps
      Postive Grids Bias, Bias Fx Pro
      Waves Guitar and rack
      Guitar Rig Pro
      Ampire (Studio One Pro stock) and Ampire XT
      Audio Assault guitar and bass amps
      TSE stuff and others effects and impulses,,,
      I know I forgetting some, but I'm all in 64 bit bow,,,

      I do like the natural feedback of a live amp, but I like all my sims and they all have a purpose,,,
      Bought Softubes Acoustic Feedback, didn't really like it, lol,,, eh was on sale. I rarely buy something not on sale.
      But I do like a variety,,, and to think I played out with a Randall 100ES 4x12 greenbacks, RP1 (Dugutechs first multi-processor, and a really good one) the GNX4, and analog pedals, and grabbed all the tones I needed, lol,,,
      But I really like what we all have access to now,,, Crazy isn't it,,

      Have not bought S-Gear,,, maybe I should really check out the demo,,,


      Steve A

        @ The Rocker,
        Wow bro, that's a sh!t ton of sims, variety indeed! haha..
        Yes, at least demo S-Gear, I ended up buying it after all the other demos I had tried.
        I know it's got a limited number of amp models, but you can really get in there an tweak.
        Since you have BIAS, could you tell me how realistic the Diezel model is? That's really enticing me to pick bias up.
        Try the demo you say? ..lolz... I downloaded it and forgot that I had it until the demo ran out..Doh!!
        I suppose I could download the app for my phone, but I'd really like to hear from someone who has so many sims how it sounds. Particularly channel three, or 'the Tool channel' as I refer to it as...

        Jared Sherman

          I have used several amp sims over the years, and a lot of them can get usable sounds. My personal favorites right now though are the Plugin Alliance ones. I have the BX_bassdude, BX_Megadual, BX_Rockrack Pro and ENGL 765 RT. The ones I really love are the bassdude and ENGL. Both sound great and are really versatile but the bassdude in particular because you can get fantastic guitar AND bass tones. I may also get the Chandler sim eventually.

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          Guido tum Suden

            @richardtorrie: What you said about the Logic amp sims is very interesting to me. I'm not a guitarist but I ended up with S-Gear for guitars but sometimes use the Logic amp sims for clean sounds.

            I never use the Logic Bass sims because to me the bass always sounds lifeless at the end. I'm still looking for a good bass amp sim. I bought the Audified GK2 Pro but should have tested it more. In the end I often get back to the GTR-3 bass amp sim. I hope we'll see a bass amp sim within S-Gear sooner or later.


            Cris Sabater Sabater

              Hi Guido, yes I am an avid user of S-Gear. It is really very good for guitar and I agree it would be great if they could come up with a bass amp! For bass I currently use my Sansamp bass driver pedal which is very nice but a plugin for bass would also be good.

              Cheers mate,


              Loren Knight

                I've tried various sims but I keep coming back to Guitar Rig Pro. But I recently discovered why it sounds so good at my desk. It's because I monitor GR though my NS10Ms which are a bit mid-rangy. Which is, of course, perfect for electric guitar. Sitting in my monitor sweet spot, rocking out, can be sublime.

                But that's not how my recordings turn out. Oh well. Such is life. Maybe I'll try mic'ing my NS10m's. HA.

                Christopher Feeney

                  I used amp sims as well. Typically right into my FocusRite Saffire Pro 40. I also have this thing called a Motu ZBox with both a Hi-Z and Low-Z input. (What is Low-Z for?) It is supposed to match impedance better or something. I don't hear difference.

                  Sometimes, especially with bass, I'll use the instrument input on my Audient MiCO. I've never tried my guitar through that yet. For some cheap tube-ishness I have a PreSonus TubePre V2 with an instrument input.

                  What is the advance of using a DI with an instrument input from your interface? When you do that, do you NOT use the Hi-Z but rather the mic or line input as the DI is doing the impedance matching? I assume a powered DI gives you some pre-gain or boosts the guitar input level?

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