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    George Brown

      Hi all,

      I still consider myself new to recording and mixing. I was wondering if anyone had helpful tips when recording and mixing lead and rhythm guitars?

      Would you dial in two different amp settings for lead and rhythm? How would you eq the two guitars to achieve maximum clarity?

      Any tips are much appreciated! 🙂


      Patrick Bonier

        That's one of those questions that is impossible to answer without hearing the tracks and the context. Obviously, the advice would be a lot different if you are talking about acoustic guitars in a bluegrass production, or heavily distorted guitars in a heavy metal piece. In general, you would go for different tones by using different guitars, different pickups, humbucker or single coil, neck or bridge, tube amp or solid state, or same guitar, same amp, different mics/positions. So many variables.

        Maybe sharing an example would be helpful.

        Guido tum Suden

          Hi George,

          as Patrick said, it depends on the song and the same is true for EQ.
          If you have to make space for other instruments (vocals?), do that.
          Make space for the bass. Many dial in clarity at around 7k on distorted e-guitars but that needn't be true for every song.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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