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    Michael Bryant

      I have a ROG laptop that I edit & record on, I like to sample and create my own sounds, it makes me feel kool. LOL

      I use a Focusrite 2i2 also, is there any way to use both soundcards at the same time? I want to sample a few videos from friends but I have to do it all manually now, I would like to just set soundcard input in Reaper and hit record but seems like I am doing it wrong !! Any advice or instruction would be great!!

      MBI (Ian)

        In Windows you can't natively (for want of a better word) use more than one audio interface at a time.

        The work around is using another layer of abstraction like Asio4All. It's not something i'd recommend using as it add latency.

        If i want to record audio in Reaper from sounds sources not going through my Interface i change to WASAPI (i think - or one of the other settings - it's been a while). I have totalmix now with my RME interface so i can route using that - again i've not done it as i've not had any need. So if your interface has mixing software native to it, you might be able to do it that way. Best of

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