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      I've got a really silly question regards the drum sample files in the PLAP multitrack downloads.

      I'm tackling "Hey Lady" and have imported the files into my DAW and I see they are separate mono left and right tracks.In Warren's video, the tracks are stereo in PT but I can't tell how they are panned.

      The question is, do I pan my separate L & R mono drum tracks hard left and right or keep them up the middle? I'm thinking the samples will have been made up of close and room mics, so I should pan them L&R...or is that not right?


      Arthur Labus

        It seems to be always stereo sample, but spilt to left/right as single tracks (there are no stereo tracks at all - is this an export option of ProTools ?).
        You're right - have to pan the hard to left/right. Snare sample should be in middle with some panorama. Hammond on Leslie will move from side to side.
        All clear ?



          Yeah, cheers. After watching the video a little longer I saw the o/h's panned the same way so I thought, MUST be left/right 🙂

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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