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      "Mixbus was intended to work with typical pop-music sessions, like those you might find in an analog studio of the ‘80s and ‘90s - about 32-48 tracks. We felt that 8 buses would accommodate a mix of that size, and it matched the bus capabilities of some of our successful analog consoles" - Tim Hall

      Here are some questions for my fellow Mixbus users 🙂

      How do you work with the limits this console design (and lack of latency compensation on aux buses) gives to Mixbus?

      Do you prepare your tracks down to the 48 recommended or just load all of the raw tracks and deal with them in the session?

      I've recently started having "Drums", "Rhythm", "Harmony" and "Vocals" as my starter mix buses and use the others as seems appropriate for the mix. How do you use the mix buses?

      How do you gain stage your tracks? Do you use -18db and live with the small waveform display or do you run hotter on the channels and use input trim on the mix buses?

      Rich Zei

        My quick and dirty answer is yes. I think there only 3 of us MB users here in the Academy.

        I treat MB (and all daws really) the same way I treated a live console. With MB 32C jsut coming out Harrison has really gone the extra mile and given us what we asked for (delay compensation, 12 Busses,knob per function, etc.) and the ability to run both MixBus and MixBus32c on the same box.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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