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      Hey PLAP cats! Broadway Joe here! I am involved in a project to raise funding for a drug rehab clinic in Clinton Ohio. Initially I think I was needed to record the bass line on a song. Now I am working as the 3rd producer on the project. My questions are these; The Idea was to grab a Philly Soul vibe with a modern twist. So Any tips on string arranging? How about Horns? We embellished the strings they had and added horn swells and falls. We turned the conga drums up, But I am not wild about the part. As far as the bass line goes, I put in a line at the beginning of the song that re-harmonizes the chords as an initial hook. I play that line again latter an octave down and a minor third up. In the verses I try to play less rhythm on beats 1&2 of each measure. On beats 3&4 I am opening up a little. I have tried to add energy to the line by making the rhythm busier and adding Arpedios and pedal tones as the song moves forward. Tomorrow morning (5 hours or so!) I go to the studio to record the lead vocal and write backing vocals, maybe track them. All ideas are welcome. I have a video of the chord chart and the song with a guide vocal. I'll post it here. When the lead vocal is tracked and ruff mixed I'll post on PLAP Face Book page. Let me know what you think, Thank you all so much. Your Pal, Broadway Joe, Cheers!

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