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    Tony Loignon

      Hello everyone,

      I currently use Studio One and have been considering using PT12. One considerable issue I've faced was the amount of latency and PT crashing frequently when used on my Mac. My only conclusion is that you cannot run PT12 on a computer with a 20+ track count with plugins.... at least that has been my experience since it frequently crashed. I've had no problems running Studio One with 100+ tracks and plugins.

      I've considered buying an Avid HD I/O and HDX card but not sure what to buy. (ie 16x16 analog, 16x16 digital or both)

      I mix in hybrid with a 40ch analog console currently and would like to continue in hybrid.

      Here is my current hardware that I would like to interface:
      - Mac Pro 2012 16gb ram, 6 core
      - Presonus Studio 192 (for clean digital tracking)
      - IGS Audio S-type (SSL G bus clone)
      - dbx 160a
      - dbx 1064 (quad comp/lim)
      - EQP-WA (pultec)
      - Soundcraft GB8-40 console

      My current I/O is:
      - MOTU 24io (firewire)
      - MOTU PCIe card

      My signal flow is as follows:
      - 24io -> mixer line ins
      - mixer inserts -> patchbay
      - processing hardware -> patchbay
      - channel direct outs -> 24io
      - summed mixer main L/R -> 24io

      I would like to have at least 24 channels available to mix hybrid.

      What Avid hardware would I need?

      face (chris) Janton

        Why switch to ProTools? Does it do something that you can't do in Studio One?

        Multiple thousands of dollars to change platforms?


          Hey Tony

          I'm with Chris. Why change? What can you do in PT that you can do in S1? OKAY - I'm sure someone will think of something...but at the end of the day, as the lauded Andrew Scheps said - "the only thing that matters is what comes out of the speakers". I've thought about getting a copy of PT from time to time....but more for the curiosity of "what's all the hub bub about"....ya know? Studio One is fantastic.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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