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      Hi everyone

      I normally work in Studio One but my (first!) client has asked if I can work from their PT session file because they are really happy with the mix but just need the guitars and bass to sound better tonally and have asked for my help. This was their easiest option, rather than bouncing out stems so I went with their request in the name of customer service.

      I've got PT 12.5 and wondered if there was anything I needed to be aware of when working from a PT session file from another system particularly I/O settings and saving sessions? I'm finding the Busses in I/O set up confusing for some reason. They get renamed when opening someone else's session files and wondered if there was some sort of "standard practice" in this scenario?

      What's your procedure when opening Warren's PT session files for example?

      I'm not going to have all of their plug ins but they will export any audio processed their end and send it to me as needed.

      Any other tips or advice for file and session management would be welcome!



      Jared Sherman

        I'm curious, why do you have PT 12.5? If you bought it you should have 12.7.1. I hope you aren't using cracked software in your business.

        Busses are always going to be set to whatever the person who created the session renamed them to, that shouldn't be a problem, but if you don't like their scheme you should feel free to change them to your liking.


          Unless I bought it from eBay, which I did.

          Thanks, I've been mixing on it for a couple of days now and busses don't seem to be a problem, just the extra jumping through hoops to get some basic tasks done compared to Studio one. Groups and solos are a challenge!

          Joe Vegna

            The internal buss structure should just work without having to touch it. The only thing you really should do is changing the master output to whatever output you have on your system.
            I have not come across that the names on busses change. Should be the name from the original session.

            I get a lot of Pro Tools session sent to me for mixing. In my case I always import everything to my mix template. Then it's fast and easy for me to find my way around the session. If you just going to make some minor adjustments it might be better to just go with their original session.
            Everyone works differently so the hardest part is often to figure out how everything is wired internally. But when you get the master output right it's often pretty straight forward.

            And yes, when you don't have the plugin used, just get them to bounce that track for you and make the one with the plugin inactive.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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