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    Glen Peladeau

      Hello, My name is Glen Peladeau. I operate the Eccentric Musician Company of New England. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this production/mix competition of the song "Glow".

      Dropbox file for PLAP Admin:

      Soundcloud private listen for PALAP members;

      About me:

      I've been mixing bands and recording bands live (mostly live) for over 30 years. I also teach guitar and coach vocals at my studio in Oxford, MA.

      About the production; I added the following instruments, Congas, kick, snare, ride, Hi-hat, Tamborine (via.. Akai MPC live), Shaker (recorded live), Acoustic guitar leads (2) recorded live, 2 synths (recorded live on Artutia MKII).

      EMco Studio   Since this picture I have added additional monitors being JBLs.

      More info.
      • DAW of choice - Presonus Studio One 6

      • Genres; Rock, Blue, Country, Electronic, Rap
      • Favorite Plugins: CLA3A, MV2, PuigTec MEQ5, Arturia Rev Plate 140, TG122345, Valley People Dynamite slam to name a few.
      • Gear List; STUDIO -Softube Console 1 and fader, Mackie Big Knob, Adam Audio and JBL Monitors, Ashley 107 and DBX 166 (vocal pre-chain). Live Room; 11 piece Pearl Export, Zoom digital 20, various guitar amps, Arturia Keylab 88, custom rotating speaker with Lowery organ.
      • Instruments; Jackson WRX, Takamine acoustic Dreadnaught guitar, Ibanez bass.

      Guitar Lesson room/Office

      The music wizardry studio is located in side EMCo HQ and e situated in an fabric/cotton old mill building.  The rooms are multi-purpose use for example the office is also the guitar lesson room (picture to the left), the studio is also the piano lesson room and the Live room is or was also intended to be a drum instruction room.  The latter is put on hold as it currently serves as a practice and recording space for my band "The Peladeau Project".



      Me at the desk after work (my real day job)!


      Eccentric Musician Company's Links:


      Business website:


      To be edited/updated soon!

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