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    Topher Holland

      Hi folks!
      I have run into a problem this morning and wondered if any other pro tools 12 users have come across this. All my tracks on one particular song are greyed out suddenly. I am getting audio so it's not an I/O issue. It seemed to happen after I duplicated and made a copy of a project. I have tried going back to the original, and some older ones, in the auto save folder but they are all the same. I updated to the very latest PT version just incase that would fix it. I am completely stuck and can't edit any tracks.

      If anyone has had this happen to them and knows a fix or work around that would be great.


      - Topher

      Jeff Macdonald

        Are the tracks in the session playing back for you? If so, you can ignore the second paragraph. If they are playing back, are the individual tracks on Waveform in the edit window? It might be possible that they are on some other automation parameter. If that's the case that will prevent editing.

        I would think either way it might be worth resetting your I/O to default anyway - sometimes that jump starts things as well. I would also double check that your interface is listed as the selected device under 'Setup / Playback Engine' as well.

        Topher Holland

          Hi Jeff,
          Thanks so much for the reply. I sorted it by going into my auto save folder and opening up my previous days version. It's odd because I did nothing and just opened it the next day and found that had happened. No idea why. It's all sorted now but thanks!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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