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      Who around here does pre-production (getting involved with band/artist long before stepping foot in the studio)? I'm curious to know what's involved, what you typically discuss, how much time you allocate to it, review demos, etc?
      The last band I worked with could have used some serious prepro before we ever got started recording so I'm really rethinking my approach.


        I think it saves time in the long run and everyone is happier with the results. I'll discuss vision, arrangement, reference tracks, etc. Mainly trying to get into the mind so I can choose how to best record and plan the session. I've only worked with local artists so I find many appreciate this as it helps them think things through as well and some haven't considered some of these things depending on experience. I usually spend a couple hours on small projects. Disclaimer, I'm particularly anal about things...;-)

        Cris Sabater Sabater

          Pre-production is important as if it is done well then everything fits into place in the studio. I have had bands approach me to do a mix and had a listen and told them to go back and re-track the songs they want me to mix! I give them tips usually on arrangement as that is what is usually lacking but it can also be sloppy technique or not having rehearsed the songs enough to get them sounding convincing. Garbage in Garbage out is what is said in music and it is very true. I tell musicians (BY FAILING TO PREPARE YOU ARE PREPARING TO FAIL!!) In other words get it right at source, get the sounds that are needed right when tracking then come mixing time it will all fall into place.

          Cheers mate,


          Warren Huart

            I love pre production! But for me it's a case by case basis. The band Little Empire I work with I didn't do any pre pro, every songs was rewritten in the studio, the same with Alexx Calise. However Robert Jon and The Wreck are a great live band so I went down to their rehearsal space three times and I went through the songs focusing on key's, tempos and arrangements so when we came to make the album it was pretty much just about capturing the best performances. If you have a great band then you can really work them hard in rehearsal and get amazing results!

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