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    Anita Potter

      I've been wondering about these things for awhile. Warren uses a whiteboard, Jack Douglas pulled out a sheet from the John Lennon song from YouTube. I've been highly disorganized with my own tracks so I was wondering if it would help to have one? I also don't know what goes on those sheets so an example or links to good examples of a sheet and how it's used would be helpful.

      Thanks 🙂

      Scott Martin

        When I was on a small home studio mutitracks in the 80's-90's I made tracking sheets and used them.
        Currently I hadn't even thought about it. I like the white board option. You can always snap a photo and save it?

        Sergio Sánchez

          Hi Anita. I use sheets and it helps me a lot. I make a table to list in every track the mic I use, input Chanel, pre, pre config, patch, software input and any observation, like polar patterns. You can write it in the software, but for me it’s faster with pen and paper. I make annotations while tracking and it helps me a lot when I mix. I hope this help you!

          Paul Motion

            Track sheets were pretty standard in the days of tape multitrack and there would be plenty of accompanying notes on the sheets like song key, tempo, rhythm etc.... think of all the things that are displayed in your DAW.
            When working on an album we’d use these to check overdubs etc... and then possibly running order and so on.
            Like with DAWs it depends on your preferred workflow.
            If I was in studios now... (pauses to daydream for a few moments), I’d probably still have a notebook, track sheets and a whiteboard. I’m a bit old school like that. My day job is mobile app development and I love me a whiteboard to keep track of what we’re doing as well as writing everything down. 🙂

            CJ [Spectrum424]

              Hi Anita,

              Here's an example that Eric Valentine uses. Skip to about 1:06 in the video for a screenshot.
              I don't know if this is what you were looking for but it's a lot of other good stuff in the video.


              Take care!


              Mark Holden


                CJ Eric has put some great stuff up there even links to his spreadsheets next level help.

                I'm looking for members that what to start at the creation stage of pre-production anyone out there wanting to try this?


                Sincilious Kif

                  In months to come, will consider! Still finding feet (p.s. neighbour puts thin plastic you can draw on with marker pens on the wall, my landlord might not approve but it stays up with static, found on amazon - also at work not music but constantly add photo to reel of just whiteboard contents, snapshots, emailable! lockdown friendly!)

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