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    Robert McClellan

      If you have not downloaded it for free for nothing else, then you might find the "noise removal" tool is awesome! You can take a "noise print", whether it is hum, hiss, or whatever, and essentially clean it up. It is a great alternative to the iZotope software. It has saved some recordings of mine from time to time. Here is an example of that in action.

      Stephen Korst

        I've been using Audacity for a while now, but never checked out this feature. Thanks, Robert!

        Mainly, I use Audacity for converting my tracks to mpeg or mp3 files and I really find it easy to edit tracks too.

        I've also recorded audio with it...very easy to use.

        Warm regards,


          Thanks Robert, really interesting.
          Profiling noise and then eliminate it off the whole track. Amazing!
          I just got Wavelab and the way to get noise eliminated is not as convenient as discribed in the video.

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