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    Jeroen Wolff Wolff

      Hi all,
      I'm working on a podcast project. I've recorded the vocal in a nice, quiet recording studio with my Auio Technica AT4033 mic + plopfilter.
      Even with a deesser i still here a lot of ssss's
      What ever I try, i won't get it right. Or it's getting to dull. Boosted every freqentie to check and made a cutting on that spot...but still can't manage it.
      Who can be my teacher, please.
      You can hear it at:

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      Jason Davenport

        Try volume automation on the "s's". It's time consuming, but very effective.

        Warren Huart

          I agree 100% Jason, automating the Esses, gaining down the harsh sounds really is a blessing! If in Pro Tools, clip gain is a life saver!

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