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    Samuel Ellringmann

      Tomorrow, Thursday June 8th at 12:30 p.m. PST, we'll have a live Q&A with Warren's good friend and outstanding bass player Tony Franklin. Tony has toured with some of the best musicians on the planet for many years and is one of the most sought after session bassists in L.A.

      You'll be able to ask him any question you have about bass recording, dialing in great tones, how to come up with cool grooves and bass lines and more.
      ‚ÄčAs producers and engineers, we can learn a lot from musicians like Tony! Plus you'll get to hang out with one of the sweetest guys in Audio.

      Once the event starts, you can join by using this link.

      If you can't make the live event, please leave your questions in this forum.

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      Ralf Ostertag

        Hello Tony, Hi Warren !

        What in a recording situation is important for good sounding bass guitar and for best athmosphere of the player ?
        More a question of DI, the bass itself or the strings ? Record better with an amp / box / mic or directly in the mixer ?
        Is there a grand solution for 90% or depends on many things ?

        Thanks for your opinion
        Greetings, Ralf from Germany


          Hey Sam and PLP guys, I have a couple questions about recording my bass with a DAW I've done it a bunch but with good engineers in proper rooms. I thought editing wave forms was a major drag. Now It's growing on me. My 1st problem is that I am unhappy with all pre amp I own. I recorded in my home with two stand alone Daws and had good success. What is deferent about computer based systems? I have a Focusrite Trackmaster platinum. I don't like it. I have a Systemic 302 mic pre and a couple of matching Eqs. I have an Art 2 channel M Pre ( like the metal guy you interviewed has, That sounds the best it uses two 12ax or at7s. I have a two ten bag end cab with a coax style horn and a bunch of different mikes. I power that cab with either a Eden world traveler or an Ashton amp. Some times that sounds great. I am using a pair of Yamaha TRB 6 strings. Maple, Neck-through, active, Ebony boards, pretty far cry from a Jazz or P bass. Yet One with frets is voiced closer to a P and the other is fretless and sounds more like a Jazz I asked for this when they rebuilt them for me I thought they got them close until I met guys who knew what they were listening to. That's all you PLAP guys. Is there a difference other than an extra gain stage with an active bass? Should I be pre-amping the preamp? I have to make these guys sound good. They are for many reasons my only option. Any mike pre or pre amp settings or suggestions would be great! I have a bass pod or two around here Tony uses the rack mount one mine look like bean pods. I have never warmed to them but I'm pretty sure I don't have an ear for them . Tony's tracks sit in the mix great. If I run separate outputs when I am using that pod deal, do I still have to worry about phasing or other image problems? Ok I am burnt thanks you guys, You are the best! Joseph, Cheers

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