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      Hello all, Next Wednesday ,October 3, 2018, we will be doing a live Q&A for the academy; taking in all your questions on Music Business. We will be going live at our normal Youtube Live time of 10:30am PST. We want to make sure we can answer all your questions for those who can't make it during the live feed. The video will be posted on the academy once it is finished! - Thank you, Andrew

      Anita Potter

        How do you decide what to put into a contract for either recording, mixing, production, etc? What if things come up that isn't in the contract how does that get handled?

        I know huge questions but it's this part of music that's a bit confusing. Thanks!

        Jason King

          Warren, you've been giving us great live hour long mixing tutorials on Youtube which are very informative. How long, generally, does it take you to mix a track from start to finish? What time frame do you give your clients?

          Terry Stambaugh

            Would like to hear a thorough discussion of rates for recording, mixing, mastering, for beginners through experienced, by the hour, track, album, etc. Also how location might affect rates (I live in a rural area where there's no local competition.) Thanks!

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            Aaron Bradshaw

              I hope I am able to view this but if unfortunately I am unable, what would you suggest for someone just starting out? I have been producing EDM for a few years but I've finally found my calling in mixing. I did put a little plan together to get myself to a decent standard then proceed to scouting for bands/artists that are unheard of, maybe offering them my services for a few songs or their first album at a very cheap price, or even for free. Then if they like what I've done we could form a bit more of a relationship and I would charge for their next album.

              Would this be a good idea? or will I be wasting a lot of time I could be spending bettering my skills?

              Is there companies/labels that I could eventually send a portfolio over to, and hope that I would work for them? or should I be focussing more on freelancing?



              Dave Merkel

                What are the best entities to register music with beyond ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc? What about others like SongTradr?

                A truckload of thanks to all of ya at PLAPA and Spitfire Studios for taking on this topic!!

                Ricky Hunt

                  Hope I made it this week.

                  wondering you views on separate instruments bus/vocal bus before the master chain.

                  I've been trying this out lately, and the benefit i see is when using a bus compressor (SSL usually, waves) it makes it a little easier to get the vocals to sit ontop of the mix as the compression of the instruments doesnt affect the vocal. What are you thoughts?

                  Rob Simpson

                    The last business Q&A was great. I'd love to hear a discussion of how we get the most out of DistroKid, Sound Exchange, etc.

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