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    Anders Isberg

      Here are the ground rules for the PLAP Production layed out by Cris:

      1.The Author of the production e.g. one who uploads the first tracks, decides which tracks are to be the ones that make the final arrangement.

      2.The Author needs to have both key if any and bpm data uploaded with the original tracks so others can follow without difficulty.

      3.The Author of the production can request which kind of talents are needed such as, “live drums”, “Bass Guitar” and such like.

      4.Each production lasts for two weeks from the opening date. The mixing date will start when the production has finished.
      Engineers will have one week to upload their own mix.

      5.Anyone can join at any point within the two week timeline of the production.

      6.Any genre of music is accepted and it may be that it changes as time goes by in the production depending on entries uploaded and the outlook of the Author.

      7.Samples are excepted! They can be ones you have made or ready made from a commercial pack.

      8.Cris Sabater will run and manage this Band/Production concept and keep it organised and running smoothly.

      9.Once the mixes are finished they should be posted/uploaded with a hyperlink or upload of the mix in the Mixing Forum in PLAP BAND/PRODUCTION. Anyone can then critic the mixes there.

      Anders Isberg

        A quick guide to uploading your tracks and using hubiC by Cris:

        To enter any production you will need to upload you track or tracks so that others in the production can import into their own studio. This way everyone can keep up with how the production is going. You will either need to produce a hyperlink directing others to your upload or you can use hubiC which is a french based cloud server that offers 25GB free storage!! The choice is your and we very much look forward to your music and production skills!

        For hubiC

        Here is how it works:

        – Login to HubiC via https://hubic.com/home/
        – Then you should see all your ‘folders’ you created on your HubiC account.
        – There should be the production folder you created, too. Don’t open it, stay in the overview mode.
        – If you look at the right side of the production folder row, just below ‘ADD FILES’, you see a strange symbol, like three points interconnected with lines. If you move the mouse over it, it says ‘Publication’. Just click it.
        – The dialogue ‘Share this folder’ opens
        – Then enter the E-Mail address of the person you want to share with, in this case you can use: [email protected] (that’s my account at HubiC)
        – After that you can type a short message and select the duration of the publication.
        – Finally you click the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the dialogue window.
        – That’s it.

        I will receive an E-Mail then and have access to the folder and all of the content for the number of days you selected.

        If using hubiC you will need to share the email address that you use to sign into hubiC. This is the only way to share on this particular cloud system. This way anyone else involved can download you track/tracks and import into their studio.

        Cris Sabater Sabater

          Hi Anders, thanks so much for this!

          Cheers mate,


          Cris Sabater Sabater

            Just so there is no confusion with uploading tracks I would like to lay down some guidelines for all entries.

            1.Once you are happy with your track or tracks to upload can you please upload to this Forum Member Collaborations.

            2.Can you please include your name and the instrument/s to the track or tracks that you uploaded and to which production you are uploading to.

            3.Cris Sabater will import all uploaded tracks into his studio. Once the Author of the production has chosen which tracks they want in the final arrangement Cris will produce a rough mix of the song prior to the song being offered up to anyone to mix.

            4.Each collaboration will be named by number e.g. Production 1, Production 2 and so on, this is for ease of management for all parties involved.

            5.I have uploaded a Sync Tone here. This should be placed at the beginning of each track before you import into your studio to start your tracking. This will ensure that all tracks are kept in time with each other from all entries to a Production.


            For anyone wishing to mix a song from a BAND/PRODUCTION I will let it be known when a production is ready for mixing after producing a rough mix myself. I will promote this in both this Forum Member Collaborations and also the Mixing Techniques Forum.



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