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    Chris Ilett

      Hey Gang

      I'm putting together a little test to see if PLAP Members can help each other advance in their careers.

      This is mostly about setting goals, being accountable to yourself and the team(s) and helping each other overcome obstacles they face in getting regular, paid work.

      Whilst I'm sure we'll discuss mixes, techniques and gear a bit, we already have the best resource available to do that thanks to Warren.

      I'm not 100% sure how this will work yet - we'll probably start with a small team and figure that stuff out.
      If you'd like to consider getting involved, fill out the form here: (sometimes acts strangely on mobile).

      If you're not sure what to put, I've shared my own answers here:

      Everyone is welcome, but again - we will probably start small or it will go wrong.

      PLEASE don't share this outside of our community 🙂



      Chris Kersey

        Thanks Chris! Looking forward to helping / being involved anyway I can!

        Andy Kubicki

          Thanks Chris! You have my form.
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          Chris Ilett

            Thanks Guys! And we're off!

            Paul Morrow

              Brand new to the PLAP but I love the idea of this.  I just finished filling out the form.  Is there a way for us to access this?  I'm not sure how you plan on using the information, but it would be cool if we could gather people that sign up into a email list or something where we can talk to each other more reliably then just in the forums.  Maybe like a brain trust situation?  Anyway, super happy to be here and can't wait to take it all in.

              Chris Ilett

                Hey Paul welcome to PLAP! Great to have you here.

                Thanks for sending the form. Love the enthusiasm. This is the first run through and we're about to set some goals now people have spent some time offering perspective on each others long-term goals, and where they are in their career at the moment.

                If it turns out to be useful and we can streamline the process (it's a bit clunky at the moment and all done on Google docs/spreadsheets) then I'll see if it's easy to run another one (or many at a time).

                Have you used the Chat function here yet? That's really useful to give and receive critiques on mixes, exchange advice and generally talk all things audio life. Announce yourself as a new member and you'll be right at home straight away.

                I'd love to know more about the brain trust situation thing you mentioned btw.

                So - with regards to the advancement stuff, give us some time. If it's good then we'll approach Warren about refining it and scaling it. Seeing the members feed back on each other in this way is already hugely exciting.


                Frozn Colors

                  just submitted!

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