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      An indepth look at phase would be fantastic :

      i) a basic introduction into phase

      ii) analogue tape and phase

      ------Phase and Tracking----------

      i) Phase issues from multi miking

      ii) Using DI with Amp Mic tracks

      iii) Phase issues from reamping (?)

      iv) analogue phase alignment - get it right in the room?

      -----Phase and Mixing--------

      i) Testing and analysing Phase

      ii) Phase issues related to Mono Vs Stereo

      iii) Phase and Mix Prep

      iv) Reversing polarity Vs adjusting by degrees

      v) Phase, frequency and gain

      vi) How EQs affect phase

      vii) Other Effects / Mix techniques that affect phase

      viii) transformers and phase

      ix) Other hardware that affects phase

      x) Using phase as an effect

      xi) Different phase alignment plugins compared

      Colin Kettenacker

        Plus one on this as well.


          On the subject of phase, just found this Sound on Sound article about 'Comb Filtering' and Phase:

          Q. What exactly is comb filtering?

          Well worth a read!

          Steve A

            Hi Toby, Yes I have seen that article before, great read..
            What I would add to your list is:
            How much difference is there between Analog (tape) phase issues, and it's digital counterparts?..
            Seems digital is much more 'picky'..

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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