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    Peter van den Enden

      Hello musicfriends,

      This is my studio setup for now. I'm not really satisfied with the space currently available to me and we're looking for a different house with a little more space for the studio.

      The studio is based in Vlijmen in The Netherlands in the attic of my house.

      I used to be a drummer and bassplayer is several bands. Also doing some dj'ing. Nowadays I'm having great fun in mixing en producing music for young artist and creating beats for Beatstars, My main Daw is Studio One 5. Love that software. The Genres I love to work in are Funk, Soul, Fusion, RnB, Hip-Hop and EDM.

      I love the plugins from Plugin Alliance, and I'm a sucker for softsynths in all sorts, although I still use hardware synths a lot.

      At the moment I'm really satisfied with the studio setup, but maybe I like to add a Thermionic Fat Bustard in the near future.

      Studio equipment:

      Apple Pro 2019
      Windows 10 'special build' studio computer by I4Muzique
      Apple Macbook Pro 2019

      Focusrite Dante PCIE Card in Pro, PC & MacBook
      Midas M32 & Midas M32C + Midas DL32 with Dante (70 channels low latency in\out)

      Genelec 8050
      Amphion One15 & Amp100
      Avantone Mixcube
      Sonarworks Reference 4 Calibration software

      Ableton Push 2
      Presonus Faderport 16
      Presonus ATOM Pad
      Nektar Panorama P1

      Lexicon 300
      Yamaha REV 500
      Eventide Eclipse V4

      Fodera Emperor Standard 5
      Stenback Five White
      F-Bass BN5 walnut Crotch
      Rickenbacker 3001
      Fender Jazz 1974
      Fender Telecaster Bass 1970
      Vandenenden J 4
      Vandenenden P4
      Gibson Les Paul Anniversary
      MusicMan Luke III
      Taylor T5Z Custom
      Ibanez AF Artstar Hollow Body

      Roland TDK30KV with buttkicker
      Mapex Black Widow

      Guitar/bass amp:
      Kemper Profiler
      Schertler Jam 100
      Tecamp Puma 500 & 4 x 10"

      Nord Stage 3 88HA
      Nord Stage 3 Compact
      Roland V-Synth GT2
      Moog Subsequent 37
      Access Virus TI2
      Novation MiniNova
      Roland Integra
      Roland D50
      Roland D550
      Korg 05RW
      Yamaha TX802
      Korg M1

      Focusrite Liquid Channels (2x)
      Universal Audio LA-610 MKII
      Warm Audio WA273EQ
      Warm Audio Bus Comp.
      Avalon U5
      Aguilar DB680
      Eden World Tour Pre amp
      Klark Technik KT-2A (3x)
      Klark Teknik 76-KT (3x)
      Klark Teknik EQP-KT (4x)

      Avid Protools
      Presonus Studio One
      Ableton Live
      Logic Pro
      Lot's of plugins, softsynth's, effects.

      Nicholas Jackson

        Wow, where to start - that's a music shop! Love the lighting, I was thinking of that here, but I keep buying plugins and kit...

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