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    Tim Morris

      Hi all,

      Similar to the previous post, we have just had a 3 track EP Mastered by Peter Maher, these were his comments on my mixes -
      Yes your mixes were bass heavy but that's not a problem as rolling it off is simple and good (and better than being bass light with no bass to increase). Just so you know, next of kin had a 1db cut at 60 Hz (subtle) but the other two had to be cut at 100hz by 3db and then at 40hz by 5db to remove rumble. This is actually standard procedure for most tracks (even big budget) so I wouldn't worry too much about it. You should find them sitting well with other releases now as they are iTunes, Spotify and YouTube friendly. Anyway, take your time listening and let me know if you want me to tweak anything. I think they sound great ..

      It took me a few listens to understand if they were " better" or just different, they were louder for sure.

      I then found the main difference was the uniformity of the sound on different mediums, such as Car stereo, Ipod, Home HI Fi etc, my own mixes sounded different on each, but Petes sounded more similar on each if you get my meaning.

      Anyhow...thats my limited experience of Mastering so far !

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