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    Peter Suoss

      Name: Peter Suoss

      Where your studio is based: The Hague, The Netherlands
      Bio I started playing bass, because my friends band needed a bass player and I didn't play guitar. But I had fun and started tacking lessons and kept playing. When the band broke up, I started playing in workshops assisting my singing girlfriend at that time. People asked me to play in their projects and so I didn't stop and eventually had the chance to start in a band. The guitar player had real skills and was a good song writer.

      In the meantime I started rehearsel rooms with my former first band members. After a while we became more interested in recording and started to get recording gear. A Mackie 24-8 bus with 2 Adat 8-track recorders. Alesis Midfield and Yamaha NS-10 for monitoring and some compressors and FX-units. A unique set of mics from Sennheiser, which had just released these series. An Atari with Cubase through SMTP to complete the keyboard and arranging possibility's. A leap into the digital recording world.

      While trying to find out how things worked, the band at that time wanted to record a demo. We did this in our new studio. This demo got picked as 'Demo of the month' and got us in contact with a management for artists. We recorded more songs and a booking agency and even a record company became more interested. We found a suitable deal and our demo got a new mix with a studio that was working along with the record company. 1 videoclip, 3 singles, loads of national Radio and TV performances, but not the big step into fame. A second album was written and recorded in one of the best studio's of that time, who had just installed the latest SSL mix console with all the best equipment that money could get. It brought us closer to our goal, with a new videoclip 3 more singles, more exposure on national Radio and TV, but not lang enough the get the big break. We played festivals, podia and theaters, with all kinds of great dutch artist from that time. It was fun to have that experience. I found myself at a crossroad with 2 band members, our opinions on how to achieve our goals, where very different. I left the band and started a new professional career, outside of music, to be enable to have a living.

      The work I found made it impossible to keep up the rehearsel rooms and studio, so we sold all that. I bought myself a new computer with a decent soundcard, a pre-amp compressor and some monitors and and started recording for myself. Just as a hobby. I found a singer/songwriter who would let me arrange his songs after recording his voice and guitar chords. And I didn't care to much about what I was doing. But then the 2 of us formed a band and the guitar player and I started recording more serouisly. We did most of the recordings at his home, because he had better and more equipment and my 'studio' was only to play around in. After a while I started to invest again, because 2 studio's can record quicker, but I found myself having difficulty with matching the mixes he made. At first I thought it was the room, and I changed things. Build my own acoustic treatment. Then I invested in new monitoring, more plugins and such. In the end I started with the primary source, myself. And I discovered 2 important things. 1 – We have a different opinion on how to mix. None is bad, but different. 2 - I forgot that I needed to brush up on my skills, because I was hearing things I wanted to adress, but I didn't know what I needed doing to make that happen.

      Finally I started to work for myself, while learning and bringing my skills to a needed level. Doing all kind of projects, to learn to become better at what I'm doing. And still progressing at this, hence my membership here.

      DAW of choice: Cubase 10.5 Pro.

      Genres you primarily work with: Melodic guitar pop, Rock, Zouk remixes, R&B, House, Small art music.

      Favorite Plugins: Cubase Stock Plugin. Rbass, MV2, Waves Scheps Omni Channel, UAD SSL and Neve 1073. Softube SSL4000.

      Gear List: iMac 32 GB and 2 TB Fusion Drive, 2 x 1TB SSD and 1 4TB HDD with Cubase, 2 Dell Monitorscreens, UA Apollo 8P Quad and UAD-2 Quad satellite, Softube Console 1, UA LA-610 mk2 Focusrite Platinum Penta, Neutrik Rean NYS SPP-L1 patchbay, EVE SC207 loudspeakers, Avantone Mixcubes with Alesis RA150 amp. HD650 headphones, Sony MDR-7506 headphones Hercules HDP DJ45 headphones, Millenium HP4 Headphone Amplifier, Sandberg Custom Thinline fretless 5 string bass, Sandberg S1 5 string bass, Squier PJ 4 string bass, Squier J bass, Fender acoustic 4 string bass, TC Electronic BG250-8 and a DIY 15” speaker, Roland Micro Cube Bass RX, Yamaha Digital Piano P-115, Akai LPD8 Wireless, Rode NT-1 A microphone, (all purposes) Lewitt MTP350CM and Lewitt LCT040 Matched Pair, TC Electronic Guitar FX pedalboard,
      Stagg RX-100 electric guitar, Fender Classic Western semi-acoustic, Hondo acoustic guitar.

      What Equipment do you have your eyes on currently: Basically new (better) Mic's (Lewitt's Pure and Tube-series) Additional Subwoofer or complete other monitors. Heritage HA73, Api Lunchbox units with fillings Neve compressors

      Facebook and Instagram links:

      Any other cool things about your studio we should know? It's a room specially made to be enabled to write, produce and mix in.

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      Ralph Dick

        Very nice Peter. Great for writing songs.

        Peter Suoss

          Hi Ralph,

          It seems I need to be more on the website.... More than 2 months I reply with: Ta Ta Taaa! Yes, and mixing too. 🙂

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