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    Nishant Nair

      Hi guys,
      A lot of times, while mixing, I've come across plugins that will peak at the odd high transient or so and still not sound bad. Some analog modelled pre-amps also don't sound bad to the ear when peaking now and then. Is it safe to drive some plugins or let them clip now and then if you can't hear any problems OR is gain staging to be followed very strictly and no clipping should be allowed regardless of the plugins used as certain artifacts are still being introduced?

      I found this thread on reddit which has a similar discussion but again polarising answers.

      Is there any truth to the statement,"As plugins work with floating point inside the daw, clipping doesn't matter till it reaches the master bus."?

      Guido tum Suden

        The statement is true but of course only until you are out of headroom.
        And as always "If it sounds good it is good!"
        Of course there is the question why you want to mix so hot?

        Nishant Nair

          Not intending to mix it hot,but I always had the question is it always always a requirement that I never peak even accidentally and if some plugins emulate being run "hot".But yes, that answers my query. Gain stage as much as possible but trust your monitoring and ears. Thanks!

          Jake Jones-williams

            Most analog modelled plugins Ive used are made to be driven, just like the hardware.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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