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    Simon Bradley


      I see a lot of vids were people are panning an instrument hard to one side and a reverb send hard to the other side.

      This sounds really odd to me. It sounds like it just makes the instrument sound like it's coming from everywhere!

      I've been trying it out with my own music and i find it really hard to place an instrument in a mix this way.

      Is this a pop music thing? To get that wall of sound sort of thing?

      I like to be able to clearly hear where an instrument is coming from but maybe that's cause I'm not well practised at this.

      I've seen a few other folk saying you should pan the send and not the track.

      Can anybody recommend a video with a bit more info? I think I've just confused myself now!


      Steven Bennett

        If you listen to the first Van Halen album, Eddie's guitar is panned to the right and you can hear the reverb of the guitar on the left, this was done to make the guitar sound bigger. A lot of people thought  the reverb was mono and panned left but, it was actually stereo.

        Try panning your guitar to the whatever side you want then pan the send going to the reverb to the opposite side.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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