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    Michael B

      Hey all.
      I have been using Cubase for years and really love the workflow and song writing process in Cubase 9.5 Pro. It really is an amazing tool.

      I have recently started using some heavy plugins like Slate, Waves and Ozone. This has really helped in my mixing. I'm listening more and looking less at graphs to make decisions and my mixes sound more like what I like, partly because of the vintage gear emulation and the shear breadth of the gear available in the Slate bundle.

      Now the problem. Lately my 2015 Macbook Pro CPU is getting maxed out in every project. I really don't believe I'm overusing plug-ins at all. And I have done all the normal things to boost performance like increases the buffer to the max while recording and freezing everything I can, including using 64 bit plugins. However, the overload is still happening.

      Then I saw a video of a person complaining the same project in Logic to Cubase. It was dramatically better in Logic. So I took my latest project and recreated it in Logic. My results were not as dramatic but Logic did perform far better than Cubase.

      The workflow in Logic has improved a lot in Logic since the last time I tried it but Cubase still does things way better and does more. My delemna is that the performance is a killer. I really don't want to use 2 DAWs. I wish there was a way to get similar performance out of Cubase. Some of the missing features in Logic years ago are now there.

      Variaudio, chord track, arranger, and time stretch are 3 things I use and love in Cubase. They exist in Logic a bit but Cubase is so much better for these things. But performance problems are a killer on productivity.

      Anyone having a similar experience in Cubase? Any thoughts?

      I'm using Steinberg's latest audio interface with both DAWs. Default settings in Logic and tried every setting in Cubase.

      Cheers. Michael

      John Gleason


        You might take a look on at the support page "Optimize Mac OSX for DAWs" for suggestions. I run Cubase 9.5 on Windows 10 and their optimization suggestions for Windows made a difference for me.


        Michael B

          Yeah. Will do. I believe I have done everything but it's worth checking. Thanks.



            just curious, have you found a solution yet?

            Michael B

              Sort of. As I learn new tools, I find myself using Slate more judiciously and Izotope instead. I occasionally get a temp hiccup but running great for quite some time. Freeing up hard drive space and pausing Dropbox doesn't hurt. On Cubase 100^. The song writing toolset works so well for me.

              Cheers. Michael B

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