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    Andrew Mckenzie

      Well if you haven't heard by now, then it's time to introduce Reason 9.5...........NOW WITH VST SUPPORT!!!!
      Didn't believe it until Props confirmed it.

      Happy freakin days 🙂


        At least! After so long time! Since v.2.5 🙂
        Maybe Warren can do a mix/ video with VST plugs and the SSL in the new Reason 9.5. That would be awesome!

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        Andrew Mckenzie

          Yep new version is out now. Doesn't mean a whole lot to me yet, but at least I don't have to glaze over when someone mentions a plugin anymore.

          The biggest thing for me is the ability to use things like the Virtual Microphone System from Slate or EZ Drummer etc.

          So much choice, so little time or money 🙁

          Pascal Clerotte

            Well, it is indeed a good development. Yet, Reason though reason is great - I use for mixing cuz I love that work flow - it requires a beast of a computer as always. That's Reason's main drawback, that resource hungriness..

            Andrew Mckenzie

              Hi there pash, nice to see another Reason user here.

              It's funny you mentioned that Reason is power hungry as I've personally found the opposite to be true but I guess it all depends on your RE chains and what bitrate etc. you're working on.

              For me, the only other DAW that I can say uses less resources would be Reaper, having dabbled with Pro Tools and Studio OneV3 etc.


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