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      Howdy Banjovi Folk,

      Weeell... I reckon it's about time we rustled up another member collaboration 😉

      I've been feeling bad for not putting a song up for everyone to work on... reinvent... or simple use as a form of sonic home security, by having my vocal track triggered by movement sensors in your back garden 😉

      I've written and recorded a simple little song about a man called Banjovi, who loves to play the banjo.

      Feel free to re-arrange it, re-record it, remix it or even have a go at mixing it... ...though, you'll need to turn your DSP all the way up to 11 to get my guitar and vocal parts up to scratch 😉

      I've uploaded the multitracks to my dropbox along with a pdf that has lyrics, chords, production notes etc... Let me know if you have any problems with it, etc...


      You can listen to my rough mix and arrangement here :


      ...I went for a kinda lowkey, folksy, grungy kinda vibe... but feel free to go for any style, genre you like...

      It could be cool to 'zone in' on a final version or a version plus remixes... buuut, I want it to be as free and creative as possible. ...so if you want to go a particular way with it, go for it!

      Saddle up partners! 🙂

      Arthur Labus

        I bet the first words are:
        "Old Banjovi have a desk ...

        wait, "grungy vibe" ?!
        "Smells Like Banjo Spirit" or what ?! 😀

        Better listen to that stuff now ...


          D'oh! Those lyrics would have been perfect!

          Arthur Labus

            Oh my ... it sounds like David Bowie in "too deep for you" age LOL
            Great !

            “Old Banjovi have a desk …
            With some knobs in a row
            With a mute knob here
            And a phase knob there
            Here eq, cutting low
            Everywhere a mono oo
            Old Banjovi have a desk …

            Sweet Lord, i am going to re-write my first song text in english ever 😀

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              Feels more like a rap to me! Gotta an early 80s vibe going on! Back before Hip Hop sold out and became all about the money... 😉

              Anders Isberg

                Just downloaded the tracks. Going to see what I can do with it. Glad to see that it's in my all-time favorite tempo 148,961. 😉


                  .....so many classic songs have been written in that tempo 😉

                  Anders Isberg

                    I recorded a few ideas for Old Banjovi. Here's a rough mix.




                      Really like the mix of electric and acoustic guitar.

                      Slide guitar is really working well.

                      Yikes! My vocals are letting this mix down!!! Craaaaaig!!!!!!! Heeeeeelp!!!!!!

                      Beautiful work Anders, I really appreciate you taking the time.

                      I think the story gets a little lost in the music... but my vocals are just not cutting it in this quality of production. A better singer would be able to carry the story.

                      Could probably do with my dynamic up and down between sections...

                      ....but so many fantastic ideas and musical parts. Really, really like everything you've brought to it. Lots to think about 🙂 🙂 Excellent stuff!


                        Liking it even more the more I hear it... very cool 🙂

                        Anders Isberg

                          Thanks Toby! Glad you like it! The mix is very much thrown together, lots could be done there to add dynamics between sections and instruments and bring out the vocals.


                            Lots of great ideas... ...

                            I'm working on the Boz Digital Mixing Contest at the mo' ...are you trying that? Funky track - lots of fun 🙂

                            ...then I'll have think about Old Banjovi - be nice to bring together a 'definitive' version.

                            Maybe we could get Bon Jovi to sing it?? 😉

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