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      In memory of the sad passing of their founder Bernie Torelli, Nomad are giving away their fantastic plugin 'Bus Driver' for free*.

      *If you wish, you can make a small donation.

      I really like this plugin. It's simple, intuitive and yet, surprisingly subtle and effective. The tube driver is warm and grows organically, as does the compressor. The Bus Driver feels solid and quickly gives you a sense of confidence, when using it. I've been using it for a few weeks, and it already feels like an old friend.

      Steve A

        Sorry to hear about Bernie..RIP
        I've never heard of this particular plug, what a cool name for it, and the fact it is compatible with my setup is icing on the cake.
        If I like it I'll be sure to send in a donation, thanks for the head's up Toby!


          I used it a lot when I was mixing 'Hey Lady'. It's warm, analogue tone really felt right with that track. On the other hand, I haven't used it once with the Puremix competition track. I'm using very contemporary sounding plugins, such as iZotope and Elysia.

          It's a great tool to have in your toolbox.

          Nick Tudgey

            I got this a while ago, What a plugin. Since I got it, I think I've used it on every mix, sounds great on just about everything. We can be assured that Bernie, has left a great and strong legacy. I've used a few of the Nomad plugins and I think I'd chose them over Waves or Slate.

            I found if you crank the input gain and puch the saturation a little, you get a very quick Slapback effect, which sounded great on Lily's vocals on Bullet.


              That's what I love about it - it's so creative for such a simple interface - quality.

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