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      I have had 2 3" speakers for a long time, no hum or other issues, but I just added a Presonus Eris 8 sub and it's humming away, unfortunately, and so I'm looking for suggestions to get rid of it.

      Everything is connected to the same multi-outlet and I was running the output from the audio interface (or my internal soundcard) directly to the sub to eliminate my mixer which puts both through the same sub and monitors. I tried switching from TS to TRS, and then using TRS to the sub and TS from the sub to the monitors. The latter seems to reduce the hum but it's still there. It's a constant hum. Is this something a power conditioner would fix? Any other troubleshooting suggestions?

      Sweetwater is sending another sub so I can see if it's the sub, but if not, they suggest a power conditioner but I wanted to also see if anyone here has any advice. Thanks.

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