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      The New Tube Mic Power Supply
      Our 12-251 tube mic kit has been getting fantastic reviews (and winning shootouts). It has a fully custom circuit and transformer, with an excellent tube and capsule. The one leftover piece of the original Chinese-made system was the power supply. It worked OK, but wasn't great.
      So, we made a new one. Or more accurately, we hired a well-known tube mic power supply expert to make us a new one. (Because any time you're playing with hundreds of volts, you don't want to do it wrong.)
      Pictured here is the first production prototype. We will sell it as a finished product, and as a DIY kit -- complete with Neutrik connectors and a powdercoated case. It will be an upgrade option for our tube mics and kits. So, if there was ever a question about whether our 12-251 kit or V-12 tube mics compete with all the $1500-$2000 commercial offerings, there won't be any more.

      Warren Huart

        Hi Scott, that's fantastic!! Thank very much for sharing that! Looks really great! Today I met with Rob Shnapf and he had some DIY Mic Pres that were amazing, that he swears by! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

        Victor Ciampini

          Hey Scott, thanks for bringing this product and the company to our attention. I just checked out some of the upgrade kits and I certainly will consider some of the mic capsule updgrades. I have an Apex 430 and some AT2020's, and it sounds like they can be greatly improved.




            Vic, There are many great DIY shops out there but the two I like the most are and in Malaysia. Nik(ceritone) is just fantastic to work with and they have probably 50 to 100 DIY amp models. What's too cool is they have "the modded amp circuits" that the famous players used in the past, not the factory circiuts. You can check what each amp sounds like on the site, and you can download the circuit for free to check it out. Even the exotic boutique ones are all there.

            Taks care!


            Musa Henderson

              Cool never heard of you guys, look forward to checking the website out.

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