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    Loren Knight

      Straight off I'm looking to learn for myself but it occurs to me that a producer might discover a new artist that has done nothing but write a few good songs. These days an artist needs to do a lot more than that. Obviously he/she needs to get out and play but what about all the other stuff?

      Can we make a list or some sort of guide of a checklist for new artists? What all needs to be done? Some of the details would be nice to cover too. And what to do first?

      So things like:
      Web site (how? What basic steps to take?) Thought on content?
      Sound Cloud or other? What SC account type? Anything to watch out for?
      Social Media, what first? Face Book? Tips? Twitter, etc? Really?
      How best to manage: Web site, social media, schedule?
      Setting up accounts to sell music. CD Baby and their stuff?

      I'm feeling like I'm not able to move forward without doing this. Personal contact doesn't seem to be enough. I had hoped to get great content created first then create an internet presence, but who wants to work with someone of whom they haven't heard a single note? No one like to be put in the position where they may have to do the Simon Cowell thing. It's a bit of a chicken and the egg thing.

      But lots of people are faced with this same thing, I suspect. And they will likely turn to their first studio producer and ask "So what do I do?" (Or their parents will.)

      So what exactly do we tell them? And can we produce something useful and concise? Like I mentioned earlier, maybe a check list of sorts?

      Warren Huart

        Hi Loren, great points indeed! Yes the artist would really benefit from having great social media a great website and frankly a winning personality really helps as well! Sell the CD from their own website, CD Baby is not a good idea for an up and coming artist. All it is a warehouse, no one visits it directly, 99% of their traffic comes from Artists websites. So just set up PayPal on the Artists page to buy directly, they will have a better experience and you won't have to pay the $100 a year hosting fee etc. The Artist needs to be developing their audience. Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

        Andrew Mckenzie

          Great topic Loren, I agree it would be a great benefit to up and coming producers as well as artists, to have some basic direction and or feedback about some of the better ways to get the music out there. It seems there are so many platforms to choose from and its always helpful to learn from those more experienced members rather than repeating the same mistakes. 🙂


          Warren Huart

            Hi Andrew, agreed! So great that everyone is here to help each other!! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

            Loren Knight

              Thanks all for posting. I have heard bits and pieces about DO's and Don'ts with many of the social media entities.
              First I wonder, what should I do first. You see, I'm not really interested in Facebook for my personal life. But for business that is a different matter. It (God voice on) MUST BE DONE. (God voice off)

              I'm guessing that the very first thing for an artist would be a Sound Cloud account (or equivalent). I think I need quality content first thing. So maybe also start a web site?

              So, maybe this order?

              1) Create great content (at least an EP worth in the studio).
              2) Create and post content on Sound Cloud. (and do's and don'ts here?)
              3) Create nice expandable website for bio, pics, and audio. Be ready for a on-line store for content? I've heard that unless this is the direction you choose specifically, do not discuss politics, no way no how.
              4) Facebook and Twitter. (After SC and Website things should be well thought out by now)
              After some time explore other social media.
              5) Get music on Google Music, Amazon, and iTunes.
              5a)Is internet "radio" really totally necessary? (That could be it's own topic I'll bet.)

              My personal (tentative) plan was to get at least an EP's worth of music done so the world would hear my best stuff in it's best light first. Then I could make a sort of "Draft Music" page where I can easily post complete but non-studio quality music (acoustic mono maybe). Maybe even poll for what songs to record in the studio next. My power is melody and lyrics so I think I can get away with that if it is clear to the listener that these are draft recordings and they've heard what the studio results are. Or is that all a foolish idea?

              Man, back in the day is was schmoozing bar managers and neon paper fliers. We had a jar for Kinko's flier money.

              Warren Huart

                Hi Loren, great talking points! I really want to get heavily into this! The longer this Academy goes on I realise we are getting a distinct advantage because we are here brainstorming! I can see us being able to really help each other build our Production, Engineering, Songwriting and Mixing skills dramatically! Not just the technical but the follow through as we are discussing here! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

                Musa Henderson

                  Here's my two pence worth on a topic I am working through in real life.

                  1) The god of all SONGS. need great songs and you have to be honest and constructive in your appraisal of them.

                  2) a constant, keep the artist(s) excited but slow them down. Yeah cool they have a song but then what? Try and explain that you need to build up content and performance levels so that they will not be another forgettable act

                  3) I like the artist to have about ten songs prefer if they are all original but....a couple of current covers and an all time fave is always good.

                  4) so choose an EP worth of songs, lavish it make it sound like a fray album, make them believe in it.

                  5) other songs... do stripped down versions, solo videos, this is to generate content and help them get performance ready. A lot of start ups really are not.

                  6) social media. A big topic for me with lots of strategies, I will list them in order of what I think is most important with a why etc
                  SOUNDCLOUD-the stripped down songs and covers post them here, you and the artist need to be on here DAILY joining groups, engaging in playlists talking to people about THEIR music and eventually it will be reciprocated.
                  FACEBOOK-needed but not massively important at the start, I get the urls but don't publish it until the gigs start, facebook I think is great for keeping in touch with people who are already fans and people you meet at gigs who are only having a small interest. When was the last time anyone discovered new music on Facebook? We search for what we already know. I would be using this for gig announcements and directional services (to website and YouTube via video teasers)only pay for boosting specific things/announcements, generic page ads are a false economy.
                  YOUTUBE-cover videos and original vids. Get some hot current tracks and get some interesting covers done. Build a fan base like that on you tube. You need to be regular. Every other Thursday, every Wednesday whatever, you want to create a regular schedule that fans can get use to and start looking forward to. I'd suggest getting a few in the bank to take pressure off.
                  WEBSITE-at first this will be nothing more than a basic holding page I guess. I like to create a live EP of stuff that will be in the set but not on the main EP. I then get the band to exchange this for an email address at gigs. Burn it your self, hand write it but make sure the website is clear on there and you get the email and if possible home town. Promise no spam just if you are gigging in their local or a new release etc is coming up. Add a shop for any merchandise etc but 95% of this will be done at gigs...
                  TWITTER/SNAPCHAT/INSTAGRAM-these are more personal and for me need to come from the artist. I'd suggest get the usernames for future but only use the one(s) that the artist/band already uses everyday. The content will be better and the user base will feel like it's more genuine.

                  I don't keep any spreadsheets (apart from fan emails and locations) but it would be good to have a diary(?) of what's done and where you are so far.

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