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    Marc Van Der Meer

      Hi there good people,

      I have a question, and it's something I can't really wrap my head around. It's probably pretty simple, and maybe I'm just not understanding the purpose of it.

      In Izotope Neutron you have a visual mixer. In this mixer you can place your tracks anywhere in the stereo field. Also bring tracks 'back and forth' volume wise. From what I thought it does is to move things around and see what works where. So you can bring some things more to the front and put them left and right. Convenient cause you can visually see where you are putting things in 1 screen and you don't have to adjust the panning from each track separately.

      But: You can only do this with stereo tracks. And that's where I get lost. Why would that be? I would love to use the function and just put all my tracks everywhere within the spectrum. I mean, I can use panning on Mono tracks too to put them left and right in the spectrum.
      I messaged Izotope 2 years ago and remember the answer being something like: Yes, because those tracks are Mono. The insecure me being like: Eh, sure, ok.

      Am I missing something vital and just thinking incorrectly? Or is how I would like it to be just technically impossible and therefore not a complete function?

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