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    Rich Zei

      Hey Gang,
      So, in the new space I have a roughly 9x10 foot room to turn into my Mix room. it has an 2 interesting features, a closet (roughly 4 feet square) and a 20 inch angled wall behind the main door.

      I am having a tough time figuring out how to lay it out to maximize the use of the space while also treating it to get the best sounding mixes. I have yet to purchase monitors, but monitors or AKG K712pros are my next purchase.

      Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


      Jared Sherman

        In an untreated space I would recommend the headphones + Waves NX + Sonarworks Headphone plugin. That will work wonders for you. It would cost way more to get similar accuracy with monitors + proper treatment.

        Mark Warner

          Do you plan to have much equipment in the room? I ask because in my studio I have racks, boxes, amps, shelves with records and it means I have very few bare reflective surfaces. Behind my seat / monitoring position is an very deep shelf unit in which I store LPs and other bits and pieces. Because the shapes are deep and uneven they act as a very good sound traps.
          If you are going use headphones take a look at Sonarwork Ref 3 for head phones ( David Glenn recommended ) plugin. It might help you with your choice of phones and your descision.
          Cheers Mark

          Rich Zei

            @ Jared I have pretty much free reign as to what I can/will do as its a raw room at this point. It currently has a hardwood floor and sheet rock walls. I intend to purchase an 8x9 foot throw rug/carpet for the floor.

            @ Mark At this point the 'gear list' is:
            Computer w/24inch monitor
            18 space rack loaded with Carvin B1500 head/Mesa Boogie Walkabout head/2 SPX90 II's/1 REV 7/1 SDE 300/UPS
            Focusrite 2i2 interface
            Mesa Boogie Walkabout 1x12 cab
            Home built 2x12 gtr cab
            Studiomaster Classic Mixdown 8 24x8 console
            The usual 4 milk crates of cables and stuff and a couple of boom stands
            2 basses, 3 electric, 2 acoustic gtrs.
            The Mic locker is pretty sparse, 3 57's 1 RE-20, 1 58.

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              My studio desk is the top of an old Ikea Chest Of Drawers sat on two columns of three 6U Racks. My other desk is two of the front panels from the draws taped together and sat on a keyboard stand. Swanky 😉

              Loren Knight

                I suppose you are about done with this project. If not I suggest checking out the Rode Microphones Studio Rescue videos on You Tube. Lots of bits to consider. I find that when starting a new project that I'm not an expert on I like to spend some time watching and reading discussions and tutorials, thumbing through trade mags at book stores, ect. in my spare time, often during morning coffee and lunch breaks. In a remarkably short time I have a base familiarity that really lets serious learning happen once I really dig in.

                Rich Zei

                  @L Scott - Thanks for the suggestion on the Studio Rescue series!!


                    My room is roughly 11x15. I built this desk this past spring. Rack pods are made out of baltic birch and the top is solid walnut. Cost around $600 to build. That's significantly less than commercial desks that are similar form. I'll have to post a build thread. Not much to it actually. I used an Ikea table for years before finally doing this. Wish I did it a long time ago.

                    Warren Huart

                      Wow! That looks cool! Nicely done!! Have a marvellous time recording and mixing, many thanks Warren

                      Robert McClellan

                        I built my own desk out of plywood and actually sell the plans on eBay. If you'd like a set of plans to get an idea I will send you a copy free of charge. It may help?

                        Loren Knight

                          Timmymac, would love to see your plans if you have them. That's very similar to a design I want to build for myself. Funny, that piece of walnut you used looks nearly identical to a piece of birch I recently installed as a fire place mantel (only darker of course.)

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                          Rich Zei

                            Robert, that would be awesome. My workspace has changed a bit, but I do really like the look of your design.

                            you can send it to [email protected]

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