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      What to say - I am having Issues
      With PT12.6 now cashing locking up
      My PC. Witch is i7 4hz 8 threads
      32 gigs , Hard to work on sessions .
      Is it settings within ProTools
      ProTools is the only application
      But does this on my PC
      Just disheartening I wish someone could help
      I love the daw Is just wearing me out
      Please help.

      Andrew Mckenzie

        I'm no Pro Tools guy, but I would pull down an eval copy of Reaper and give it a try. It might just help you figure out if the PC is the problem or if it's a Pro Tools glitch. I think PT12 has it's fair share of issues but I'm sure the PT experts will chime in and assist further. 🙂


        Arthur Labus

          That's very good point Andrew !
          Reaper is available with 60 days evaluation and it is "full" DAW.

          But David, please tell us more. More details what happens and when it happens.


            Thanks for responding to my plea
            With the quality of my computer
            Which is an i7 32 gig 4hz
            It should handle most things
            Along with the common CPU issues
            With a few plug-ins on a session
            That will pop up.
            Being a lineman in using a Computer,
            But I learn more every day
            I will be running the session
            Mixing and tweaking
            And then my computer will totally
            freezer up. And I have to do a restart
            By turning off the computer
            And turning it back on, And I
            wondered when did I save it last.
            When it freezes the mouse is locked
            solid I cannot control alt delete out of anything
            This only does this when I'm using ProTools
            I just the other day started using 12.6
            Reading where they had fixed a lot of glitches
            Was hoping I would find an answer.
            But it still does it
            I do have an artist version of studio
            Have not loaded it
            I guess in trying it on the computer runs
            Well You would surmise it would be ProTools
            Or I could do the reaper thing
            Thanks for your all's help
            Any other suggestions do please let me know
            With the money I have tied up in ProTools
            I would love For it to be Rock solid
            because I do love that daw

            Arthur Labus

              Aha, ok also it's running and suddenly all is frozen.
              Well, it can be anything ...
              Check your PC with some software for benchmarking (stress test) and testing software in particular (CPU, RAM and so on). You may get some new infos in case it were something with hardware.
              Also "PC Cleaner" - maybe it is something with settings or whatever
              You may try Reaper. If it works properly, try Cubase trial version. Cubase seems to be more challenging.

              If it still not works properly after all, i would like to contact Avid Support.

              Good succeed !

              Adrian Ledesma

                could be a graphics problem. make sure you have an avid compatible video card.


                  Well thanks for everybody's help
                  I downloaded studio one artist series
                  Works just fine Actually is pretty
                  neat daw
                  What I've done to correct my ProTools
                  situation is , I went into windows
                  settings . Had read some articles
                  about windows 10 freezing up after the
                  anniversary update
                  I've tweaked a bit and things seem to
                  be running fine
                  For now For now
                  So I hope it's fixed
                  I'll be putting studio one on a laptop
                  So I have for a travel rig
                  Because you never know and creativity
                  may come alone
                  And I don't have an extra ilock
                  But file seem to be easy to move back-and-forth
                  So this fixed could work out to be a win-win
                  Thanks again for everybody's help

                  chris massa

                    Using Pro Tools on a PC with Windows has always been a challenge. I started building PC's back around PT7 and 8-9.
                    It was always alot of reading in the duc.avid forum to see what others were running. Motherboard and CPU, brand
                    of RAM and the video card seem to be always important. I finally went to the "Dark Side" and have never looked back.
                    After doing the tweaks Avid suggests my Mac just runs. Yeah occasionally Pro Tools pukes but I am running
                    all SSD drives, on a 6 core 48GB Mac Pro Tower everyday 6-8 a day.


                      So Chris
                      If you can help out I surely would appreciate it
                      What is the graphics card that I need to have in this computer that will work with ProTools
                      I have an Intel R HD 530 graphics card
                      Could That be the problem

                      Things had been working good for days and then it did it again
                      Frustrating enough to pull your hair out
                      Hard to deal with
                      But not giving up just digging in
                      If you can help I thank you
                      [email protected]

                      chris massa

                        usually nVida video or GEforce cards. motherboard matters asus or gigabyte. also brands of RAM usually choosen by which motherboard. then tweaked according to avid optimzation.

                        read the signatures on they usually give a good direction. also there are 649 pages on the thread at the top of setups. start at the end work back.

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